hi there! just wanted to pop in to say that my old blog that i previously linked to has been deleted, unfortunately. my old server just up and deleted everything one day, so i was forced to create a new one.

here’s the new address if you’re interested :

hey everyone. in an attempt to simplify my online world, i’ll be posting a lot more over here from now on:

thanks so much for following this blog throughout the years, it was a difficult decision to let it go. xx

from murren, we took a cable car up to the top of schilthorn (where james bond’s “on her majesty’s secret service was filmed). the ride was about 10 minutes, and the cable car operator plays the james bond theme song as the car behinds its climb.

the restaurant is full of all sorts of memorabilia, and the place mats are decorated with 007’s and silhouetted images of james bond. we ordered wine and german beer, and i ended up ordering spaghetti, when i really should have tried the schnitzel. by the time we were done eating, the clouds moved in, and most of the tourist left since the view of the alps couldn’t be seen anymore. i actually liked the clouds better–it was surreal sitting on the rocks, 9,744 ft up, while the white fog sped past. we spent over an hour hiking to the furthest point, taking photos and videos, sitting and talking, and staring over the edge.

before making our way down to bagni eden in monterosso al mare, italy, i picked up an old underwater disposable camera from one of the stands lining the main road. most of the photos didn’t come out,
and the ones that did were blurry. still, i’m glad i have these quick moments to remember this day by–it was the first time i swam in the ocean in almost 10 years.

hey! just got back to london last week, and have been trying to get back into routine ever since. jet lag has been extra intense this time, and i find myself sleeping at 9p, waking up at 1am, staying up till 5am, then back to sleep till 8am! this has been going on for days no matter what i try to do. hopefully this crazy cloud lifts and my usual sleep pattern returns soon!

these photos are from my mom’s house in hawai’i (her dog, lily), palm trees in waialua, rooftops in soho, ny, and apple trees in hampstead, london. i have to check out this photography studio next time because it looks great. i’m looking forward to staying still in london for a while, detoxing from the crazy amount of food consumed over the past summer, and working on a few projects.

switzerland was amazing, and my favorite place on earth i’ve realized. i’m trying to get around to posting everything from this trip.

we went through all of our stuff in storage finally, and i picked up my old photos. going through a lot of them, and finding some i’ve never posted here before.

scenes from a gloomy day near the ocean, and a little beta. can’t believe how much has happened in just one year, these days feel so far away.